Muslim Ban is Outrageous, Unconstitutional, Rejects Human Rights.

The Muslim ban recently enacted by the Trump administration is outrageous, unconstitutional and displays no regard for human rights. By allowing exemptions for those of "minority religions" in the banned countries, as well as simply targeting the particular countries referenced in the order, Trump has blatantly and unacceptably targeted millions of people, including refugees, solely on the basis of their religion. This complete disregard for the Constitution, for international law and for human rights cannot continue.

The Executive Director of Amnesty International USA, Margaret Huang, said of the executive order that it "is cruel, inhumane, and violates international law. The United States has a rich history of helping refugees rebuild their lives safely and with dignity. Our refugee programs should not paint individuals’ national origin or religion as suspicious or unwelcome.”

Two constitutional lawyers, Norman L. Eisen and Richard W. Painter, said of the order and of the firing of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates: 

"All of this flies in the face of the US Constitution. Our founding legal document of course prohibits the government from denying the liberty of people to come and go from the United States without due process of law (at least with respect to persons protected under that document, many of whom are affected here)."

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