Human Rights Violations of NYU Abu Dhabi and the Kafala System

Behind the shiny veneer of NYU Abu Dhabi’s impressive new campus lie the deeply troubling circumstances of its construction. Although the contractors hired by NYU were supposedly obligated by the university to adhere to certain standards regarding the treatment of their workers, reports from migrant workers involved in the project suggest that these obligations were not met.

Child Marriage: Putting Women Before Tradition

Earlier this year, news outlets and human rights organizations around the world rallied to criticize a controversial law passed by the parliament of Bangladesh, which allows for children under the age of 18 to marry under “special circumstances” with the permission of a local court and the bride’s or groom’s parents, though such situations are not clearly defined and there is no mention of a minimum age or of the child’s consent.

During the past few months, Washington Square Park has become a regularly inspiring sight of protest against Donald Trump and his policies. However, last Thursday night’s protest, which drew in NYPD to calm the confrontations between pro-Trump and anti-Trump supporters, was incited by the expected arrival of Gavin McInnes whom the NYU College Republicans (NYUCR) invited to give a talk.