Statement on Email to NYU Students for Justice in Palestine

The email sent to the NYU Students for Justice in Palestine on January 31st, 2017, is a disgusting, hateful, unjustifiable and unacceptable attempt to threaten and intimidate members of the NYU community into silence. 

The NYU Students for Justice in Palestine published a statement here. We encourage you to read their full letter. The following is an extract provided by NYU SJP from the email itself:

ATTENTION MUSLIMS, ARABS AND OTHER ‘ANTI-ZIONIST’ CAMPUS TROLLS: Your names, image, friends list, postings, family member id’s and other personal info. will be submitted — in conjunction with other collected data sets — and sent to the following Federal Agencies…

One does not need to stake a political claim in order to condemn this email. Any such threat clearly has no place on NYU’s campus; silence from the administration on this matter bespeaks a profound hypocrisy on their part. A university cannot function effectively if any of its members are subjected to discrimination, racism, threats of violence or any such act simply because they express a point of view. 

NYU’s President Andy Hamilton put it well, when he ended his recent letter on the Trump administration’s Muslim ban with the following statement regarding those affected by the ban: “Let us try to ease their anxieties and their burdens by making sure they know they are among friends who are committed to helping them.” The Journal of Human Rights seeks to do the same for those affected by the ban, or by the email sent to the Students for Justice in Palestine at NYU, or by any act of violence or discrimination, or any threat thereof. We hope that all members of the NYU community - students, faculty, staff, members of the administration - will, in seeking to uphold the spirit of the NYU President’s recent letter, openly and directly do the same.